Announcing BitGraduate

The future of academic credentials has arrived.

What is BitGraduate?

BitGraduate is the world’s first blockchain-powered platform to verify the authenticity of certificates and diplomas by tokenizing and storing them as NFTs in the blockchain. We use blockchain and non-fungible token technology to create data immutability, providing transparent results to all parties.

For companies

Companies will now receive the information they need without the need to contact any academic institution. No more calls and large time investments to verify the studies of an applicant. Companies can welcome now a faster verification process. By accepting truthful applicants, companies will never suffer from under performance again.

For academic institutions

Academic institutions will now have more control over their data. BitGraduate provides simplified academic document management with additional tools to reduce time in regular tasks and increase productivity, and a boost in time efficiency, since verifying the authenticity of academic documents now takes less than 2 seconds. Moreover, BitGraduate protects your image and your students by not allowing individuals who purchased a fake academic document using your institution’s name

The Blockchain

BitGraduate provides three main benefits:

  • Trust

BitGraduate has been created to ensure and preserve the authenticity of any academic document created on its platform. That way, people can verify the authenticity of any academic document within seconds and receive truthful results.

  • Security

Apart from having a highly secure network, additionally, each transaction in the blockchain is private.

  • Reliability

By having a decentralized system, data is backed up by a series of different nodes. This provides protection against DDoS attacks, and also serves as a backup service.

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